Leg Day #3 & Bodycombat

Saturday began with a RawJuvenate smoothie (The Chad made this purchase through Groupon – it’s a “detox” meal replacement) in preparation of a training session. Then Trainer Dan sent a text. He was sick and canceling all his sessions and promised to reschedule.

Bail on leg day?

Oh, so enticing. But my folder at the gym had a handy little workout for me. Off I went, confident I could conquer leg day solo.

First, alternating sets of leg extension and mountain climbers (ugh!). I started at 55 lb.s and 20 reps, then 45 lbs. and 25, finally 25 lbs. and 30 reps.

Next, using a bench and 10 lb. weights, I stepped up on the bench, arms down, and raised a leg to 90 degrees. Stayed on the same leg for 15 reps. Mountain climber on an incline. I realized after the first really long set that I’d need to do the right leg, then the left leg, and THEN the mountain climbers. I was a little short of breath – cut me a break!

I’m actually having trouble remembering the last set. Oops. It hurt.

I had planned out this session at 9 so I could catch the 9:30 Bodycombat class for my cardio. It’s a Les Mills program, no equipment necessary, and I heard it was a good, tough class. Off I went to the studio.

This made me think of the SuperGirl class from Sweat Like A Girl. We were kicking, punching, jabbing, changing direction, bouncing…all for 55 minutes. The instructor wrapped up the workout with some push-up variations and ab work, then some stretching. The class was packed. When I went to grab a mat, they were already out. Luckily, a kind girl who introduced herself as “Macky” offered to share half her mat. And to touch on that briefly – Wow! To be honest, I felt good in that class, but there were definitely some people (you know, the ones who go right up front with the instructor) who put me to major shame. Macky was at the back, but definitely a woman who was in great shape, and intimidate me a bit in the “real” world. You know…cute, blonde, skinny but fit…you want to hate ’em! I was so appreciative of this offer and even more shocked and pleasantly surprised that she engaged in a little post-class banter. “Oh, is this your first time? Definitely make sure you stretch…you’ll be feelin’ it tomorrow!” Just a little back and forth, but enough to make me think that I could actually make a habit of hitting up that class.

And I’m so glad I stretched. Even now (two days later)…I am definitely feeling all that punching in my shoulders and back!


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