BodyPump, Dirty Dan, Snow Blows

This will end up being somewhat abbreviated…despite a snow day today (ugh!), The Chad and I were busy in the house and running errands, and after a session with Trainer Dan…I’m a little beat.

Last Tuesday, I tried out the BodyPump class (another Les Mills creation). I had heard some pretty great things about it in other blogs I read, and decided I had to give it a try. Luckily, I arrived about 1/2 an hour prior to the class, did some arm exercises with weights, then head to the studio to stake my claim. Thank goodness I did get there early – you need quite a bit of equipment! I grabbed a mat, risers and board, free weights (8 lbs.), a barbell, weight plates (5, 10, and 15 lbs.) and latches to keep the plates on the barbell.

Let me tell ya…when they say “full body workout”…they MEAN it! It was an hour of reps and sets for each body section. And just when you think you’re safe…they threw some push-ups, planks, and crunches at us! Whew!

So with all those squats, I felt a little sore in the legs/rear, but optimistic Trainer Dan would go for a Chest/Back workout on Wednesday.

Welp…Dirty Dan decided it would be a leg day.

He had me jumping, squatting, lunging, mountain climbing, and wishing for an end to my pain. Amazingly enough, I didn’t feel as sore the next two days as I did after my first leg day. Progress?

That kind of brings us up to speed. Oh, I guess a good nugget of information would be that our refrigerator died and we’ve been living on the kindness of The Chad’s parents and take out. Thank goodness for the Saladworks nearby, but I’ve still not felt good about the food I’ve been eating. It’s not the same as making my own shakes or oatmeal. But now, we have a beautiful refrigerator. It’s running. And I grabbed some food to resume our regularly scheduled eating habits tomorrow.

Meanwhile, The Chad and I have had two snow days this week, shoveled out 4 neighboors on Monday (in addition to our own home), and wrestled getting the aforementioned refrigerator in the house.

Trainer Dan gave me a tough upper body workout today. Some noteworthy exercises were: an awful lateral mountain climber (extend leg to the side, jump, and switch from a squat position), push-ups on dumbbells then rowing, and jack-knifes on an exercise ball followed by planking on forearms.

We talked about progress this past month. Or lack of progress. I’m too spotty with my attendance at the gym, inconsistent with my eating and even more inconsistent with my workouts. The Chad has done his best to motivate me without being a jerk, and ultimately…any excuse doesn’t change the fact that I haven’t completed what I set out to do. So this February, I am getting my routine down. Eating typically isn’t a problem – that, I truly blame on the fridge situation. But not getting to the gym? I know from experience that I need to get there and get it done. I have workouts for the coming week entered into my phone calendar, and I’ll do the same next week to schedule gym time around meetings and appointments.

Here’s to a better month…


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