I return from my latest disappearing act feeling dismayed and deflated. Today was measurement day with Trainer Dan. After a long (short) month of getting my routine down and being much more conscious of the food I was eating, I was feeling good. Maybe even convincing myself that my pants were loser and my butt was perking up.

I removed my shoes, stepped on the scales, and anticipated some kind of loss. Yet, as I adjusted the measurement, I found myself pushing it back to my weight from the beginning of February.

My bubble was burst.

Then the measurements came. I perked up at the thought that perhaps I lost inches and gained muscle, which would account for the plateau (I know…major wishful thinking). Only thing I lost was 1/2″ off my waist.

Trainer Dan said I should not be eating peanut butter. Or cheese. That these are bad things when you’re trying to lose weight. But I’ve been eating them in moderation and have eaten them during other periods of weight loss in my life. I’m beyond frustrated with the “meal plan” given to me (which, by the way, includes goat cheese and mozzarella…I’ll have to remember to tell Trainer Dan).

For next week’s training session, I am supposed to bring in a log of all the foods I’ve eaten – time, amount…all that good stuff.

Bah. I hate logging what I eat! But I guess I have to do it. I don’t know or understand why I’ve seen no results. I’m really missing my Sweat Like a Girl workouts and comrades.

Tomorrow is a new day…and the start of the Lenten season. So hopefully I can find something that works…


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