Don’t call it a comeback…

Because how many times am I going to go through this?

Man. A lot of things have happened since I was here last. I guess the most significant to me is that I got married. Yahoo!

Love and a Delorean.
Love and a Delorean.

Did I mention it was an ’80s wedding? Yea. It was incredible.

So what brings me back to this blog? 

Well, fitness has taken a major backseat. This time last year, I was still very active at the Sweat Like a Girl gym. I was proud of myself and the progress I had made. I’m quite a ways from where I was. Things with Trainer Dan at Gold’s Gym were not what I expected. At first, I liked the one-on-one atmosphere. But then I began realizing that things still weren’t on my terms. I wasn’t really enjoying my workouts or seeing any sort of progress like I had with SLAG. Trainer Dan was nice enough, but nothing at Gold’s inspired me, or made me want to keep coming back. I wasn’t really offered a good routine, and I absolutely hated going to the gym after school. And – a quick little warning for anyone considering personal training – the Fusion Fitness has been impossible to work with. I have not been able to find any kind of management or “official” branch, aside from the office at my local Gold’s. Shady business. 

A friend of The Chad’s, Julie, invited me to an accountability group on Facebook last week. This is a daily check-in for eating, hydration, and workout. Now, this is all well and good, but I still don’t have a fitness routine nailed down. School is fast approaching, and I want to make my health a bigger priority.

ALSO…The Chad and I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last week. This documentary changed our lives. It follows a man – Joe Cross – as he struggles with an autoimmune disease and an unhealthy lifestyle, and chooses to complete a 60-day juice fast as he travels from New York to California. I could go on, but I think it’s really worth to just watch it. It was so inspirational to Chad and me, that we used some of our Bed, Bath, and Beyond credit to buy a juicer and begin preparing for a juice cleanse. 

So that kind of brings us up to date…where I am a little uneasy. I recognize that I’m attempting to make some radical changes. And too much change at once does not bring about consistent and enduring results. And I feel as though I need to step back and really think of manageable goals for myself.

This week – my last full week of summer before in-service begins – my first goal is making time for exercise for at least 30 minutes, at least 5 days this week. If it’s walking, some video, or hitting the gym…I’m committed to doing something. Goal 2 – Drink more water, not juices, iced teas, etc. And Goal 3 – Seriously prepare for the juice cleanse. I have the plan all picked out. The Chad and I need to set a start date and start moving forward if we’re really committed to doing this.

I guess that’s it. Good night!


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