Beer + Buffett = Bad, Bad Girl

Monday was successful in that I drank a lot of water, took a long morning walk with Frankie, and walked around Knoebel’s Amusement Park all day. It was unsuccessful in that I ate pizza for lunch, then a buffalo chicken wrap for supper. D’OH! Although, we did find a stand at Knoebel’s that sold a cup of fresh fruit. That was a pleasant surprise.

Tuesday was similar…the daytime hours were fine. Then I hit the Jimmy Buffett tailgate in Camden with The Chad and some friends. I did not plan on drinking much, but ended up being coaxed into drinking more than I have in quite some time. While I ate a delicious roasted vegetable hoagie and fresh salsa, Wednesday was filled with greasy foods to soothe my slight hangover. It felt like my college days. I mean…I should have been jacked in college. I played rugby – so, those two hours of practice and time spent at the gym were just to supplement all my carbo-loading and overeating.

Chalk it up to lesson learned. Again.

Moving forward, the plan is to shop for the juice cleanse tomorrow, and begin on Saturday. In the meantime, a conscious effort to remember my goals this week and stay focused.

Off to begin the day…


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