Breaking Bad


Yes, I realize the disappearing act is getting a little old. But, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

During my third-ish blogging sabbatical, I have:
1. been working out at Sweat Like A Girl a few times a week, meaning
2. determined a 30 minute drive is worth a quality workout that keeps me coming back.
3. refreshed my Tabata Bootcamp certification, which also led me to
4. been put on the sub list at Sweat Like A Girl, and looking towards running my own bootcamps independently.
5. finished my living room with The Chad, which quickly escalated to
6. binge watching tv series on Netflix – Parenthood, The Office, Orange is the New Black, and currently Mad Men and Breaking Bad.
7. made some significant gains in healthier eating through the help of a nutritionist at SLAG, but still struggling with those temptations…
and finally, my favorite:
8. became an aunt to Evelyn, my oldest brother’s daughter. I now can peruse those little girl sections in stores without feeling like a pathetic creeper. Excellent!

Of course, other things have happened, but these are clearly significant enough to recount at the moment. Fingers crossed for more consistency with posts, but as it is a school night…I need to fit in a few episodes of Breaking Bad!


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