Hit Refresh

It’s no secret that I struggle with consistency. Best example? Eating well. The kicker is…I actually like fruits and vegetables. I also really like sugar. I’ll start out strong with a meal plan. Buy all the food, do the meal prep, follow through. For a few weeks…okay, okay…a week or two. Then something happens – a bad day, a skipped workout, a small treat that evolves into another small treat or five – and there it goes. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Off the wagon I fall.

Sweat Like a Girl recently brought a nutritionist on board. She began an “Eat to be Awesome” program, where she provides meal plans and offers weekly classes to discuss the week and the foods on the plan, making tweaks and changes for each individual. First class is free, so I went this past Saturday. One of the talking points that really stuck with me was when Erin (the nutritionist) said that our goal was to build a healthy relationship with food.

I know I’ve read and/or heard some form of that idea throughout my “fitness journey”, but I guess it finally sunk into my thick skull. So, I’ve hit this week with a renewed sense of purpose. I’m trying to fuel my body, not just fill it. And for me…eating can be connected with emotions. Changing my mindset concerning food has been a struggle. But so far, so good. I’m really trying to question myself when I’m tempted to eat something that…won’t fuel me. Am I hungry? Is it smart? How much do I need? It has helped me change some choices so far, and I honestly feel energized. I also feel a sense of relief. Relief in knowing that it’s okay to indulge. I just can’t let it become the norm. I need to hit “refresh” after I indulge and remember my body doesn’t need food that doesn’t fuel.

On an unrelated note:
My 3rd grade class got to incubate chicken eggs through 4H. They hatched Monday morning…but we were told they shouldn’t hatch until Tuesday (yesterday) or Wednesday. Imagine my surprise when I walked into my classroom Monday morning and found dry chicks creeping around their incubator!


They are the sweetest things! Minus the mess. I never realized how much poop six little chicks could create in a matter of hours! But that magic of new life…it was refreshing to have something this positive going on at school. We were in a post-PSSA slump.

That’s all I’ve got. I think I’ve used up all my introspective juices for the evening.


2 thoughts on “Hit Refresh

  1. OMG! Your comment on food as fuel and being more mindful of that is so spot on! I need to do the same 🙂 Thanks for the reminder! And p.s. those chicks are so freaking cute!

  2. K – I throw spinach into my protein shakes in the morning, too! Quick and easy way to get some greens in the mix without taking away flavor of the fruit. Apparently this powder I got is made from peas…so that helps, too! Hah.

    And the chicks are SO soft! I kind of want to have chicks at the house…but I’m pretty sure zoning wouldn’t allow it.

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