Well, color me one happy camper. School is officially out for summer (insert a host of angels singing), and I’m all packed up for my move to a new school next year.

Friday morning, I had the luxury of taking a morning yoga class. I love the instructor – she keeps a steady pace through the savasanas, and we had time to work on some inversions (hand and forearm stands). I was so Zen when I left and went to Wegman’s (my area’s answer to Whole Foods). Maybe I was a little TOO serene…I spent a little more than I anticipated! BUT…also the problem with buying wild-caught fish and shrimp and organic produce. I mean…I try not to go too crazy, but I try to be careful with some foods that are susceptible to pesticides. I ran errands, I cleaned, I cooked, and set the bar pretty high for the remainder of the summer, HAH! The Chad urged me to take it easy on my first day off – he was still stuck in school.

This morning, I taught Pedal Power and shared salads in Eat to be Awesome. One of the girls made this awesome broccoli slaw with tahini sauce. I’ll need to find that recipe… Meanwhile, I made THIS SALAD. I added some Feta cheese and brought Le Pain de Fleurs crackers.

The star of the day? COCONUT WHITE BALSAMIC. I made an arugula salad with red onion and dried Asian pears, then topped it with chicken. Chicken, you say? That’s boring. Oh no, my friends. I baked this chicken on top of lime slices, sprinkled it with cilantro, then drizzled some coconut white balsamic and olive oil over top. WHOA. Then, the dressing for the salad was…wait for it…coconut white balsamic with olive oil.

Coconut Infusion
Coconut Infusion

Yes, this was enjoyed greatly. Unfortunately, The Chad would not touch this salad with a 10 foot pole. Because? Fruit in the salad. He is a vegetable purist when it comes to salad. One must only use vegetables, or the integrity of the salad has been compromised. Me? Throw anything in there! And I just loved the arugula. Apparently, it aids in digestion and can ease stomach pains. Ladies, that means it’s a great help with bloating if/when you receive your monthly results from Mother Nature’s pregnancy test.

On that note, I need to prepare Sassy Tailgate Sandwiches for Father’s Day tomorrow (they are NOT on my meal plan…but sooooo delicious) and finish tweaking my playlist for Pedal Power in the morning. The Chad hooked me up with a dance remix of “Kiss the Girl” (as in, the song from “The Little Mermaid”!) and it was very well-received at class this morning. Requests were made, and it will be used again tomorrow.

Good night!


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