So Much Pedaling!

Phew! Day 3 of teaching morning Pedal Power – luckily, I get to sleep in tomorrow and teach a 5:15 class. Saturday’s class begins at 7:30, and Sunday and Monday’s classes begin at 8:45. I love getting my workout in “first thing” (7:30 is more my cup of tea!), but I don’t get to have my morning smoothie until after class. That means I wake up early to make the smoothie, drive out to the gym, and open up our doors and turn on the fans to get ready for class. I like to have time to get my bike set up and music pumping so I’m free to help sign in new members and set them up on their bikes. It just makes for a busy morning! I’m looking forward to a low key start to my day tomorrow. I’m also discovering how teaching the same class every day can burn you out! I make a conscious effort to switch up the music and what we do in class.

Unfortunately…I really love the playlist and workout I made for Saturday…and I totally used it again this morning! Luckily, I didn’t have any of the same students, so it wasn’t repetitive for them! When I was prepping for my first class, I was frustrated with some of the resources I found online and through Pinterest, so I’m adding this bad boy to the mix, in hopes that it inspires someone else.

Pedal Power 1

The “Kiss the Girl” song is AWEOME. The Chad had that gem on a cd called “Mouse House: Disney’s Dance Mixes” (you can listen to it HERE) and it made the final jog so much easier since you’re belting out the song, hah! And…a final note…the Avicii “Levels” with Tabata timing came HERE from YouTube. This is special because there are vocal cues included in the song to count each rep.

Well, that bar was set pretty high on Friday with the amount of work I did…so I better get cracking on the bathroom. Yay. What says “summer” like scrubbing out a toilet?!


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