Emotional Eater

Signs of Emotional Eating

Any of these ring true for anyone else? I believe I can safely say I’ve experienced all of them. Now that summer has come, and students have gone, my stress level has finally diminished. Then I found out my car is all kinds of busted. A thousand-ish dollars worth of busted. For the first time, I’m kind of keeping my emotions in check. Normal reaction? Daily trips to King Kone (delicious ice cream spot), fast food, anything sugary,alcohol. Luckily, I’ve been able to find some solace in making food (thanks to the gift of time), and making wiser decisions as to what I really need. Yes, some ice cream would really hit the spot right now. But you know what? I have some Greek yogurt and PB2, and can add in a little honey and a tablespoon of dark chocolate, no soy/dairy chocolate chips, and it’s still a sweet treat but doesn’t destroy all the work I’ve done. Do I need to make that a daily habit? No. Will I still probably cave and get the peanut butter/chocolate frozen yogurt at King Kone, ask for a small waffle cone, and get chocolate drizzled on top – essentially negating any semblance of nutritional value that the frozen yogurt would have? Do my shockingly specific details reveal my weakness?

You know, I find such great peace in that while I am trying to make healthy food choices that fuel my body, I am also building a healthy relationship with food. I think anyone who has struggled with weight can admit that their relationship with food is not healthy…in whatever sense that applies for you. “I enjoy eating too much.” “I can’t have that.” Excess or deprivation. I seek that balance. I can indulge one night, but not make it into a three-day fatty food festival. Instead of throwing fuel onto the fire, you treat it like a good cry. Get it out, then pick up and move on.

I’m still working on the “move on” part. But I think a little yoga and Sweat Camp tomorrow will be a good help to get me out of my rut.

Also on the horizon – The Chad bought me a Groupon for an online nutrition course. It’s a 10 week program with some basics of nutrition through the Shaw Academy. I’m so excited to learn the science behind food composition and the way it affects our bodies! Erin uses some pretty big terms, and I hope this course helps me understand a bit more. This might be the beginning of a new vocational road…we shall see!

Just because.

One thought on “Emotional Eater

  1. Such a great post! I feel you on the sweet tooth! You’ll have to share how the class goes…I’m interested to hear all about it!

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