Productivity High & Mahi Mahi

Green tea, sour cherries, black raspberries...oh my!
Green tea, sour cherries, black raspberries…oh my!

Yeesh. Poor stove really shows its age in the picture! Things grew…so we picked them. Sour cherries from the tree in our front yard, and black raspberries along our fence line in the backyard. Fresh brewed green tea makes for a lovely drink, or a thinning agent in morning smoothies. Amazing what I accomplish with the luxury of time.

Speaking of…this happened for dinner.

Mahi Mahi, garlic brown rice, tropical black bean salad.
Mahi Mahi, garlic brown rice, tropical black bean salad.

Those burger placemats and bright tablecloth make me so happy! Good thing I married an artist. Color is appreciated! I was really nervous to make the mahi mahi…I’ve baked salmon in a foil packet before, but it’s thinner and a little more forgiving (you can overcook it a smidge and not have it taste awful). I didn’t really know my limits with this fish. But…I did a little Googling and decided to try foil packets at 350* for 25 minutes. Apparently, it worked! Perfectly flaky and moist (insert huge sigh of relief). Not much worst than ruining good food!

I also wanted to use some of the black raspberries we picked, so I used this recipe for PB2 brownies my friend showed us in Eat To Be Awesome…and threw in the raspberries instead of the chocolate chips. Not my favorite (I mean…who can replace chocolate really), and The Chad isn’t a huge fan of raspberries to begin with. I’ll definitely use the recipe again (so moist and chocolatey!), but do not sub out those chocolate chips!

That’s all I’ve got. Gotta cover a Pedal Power and Pole Sweat class tomorrow…time to mix up those playlists!


One thought on “Productivity High & Mahi Mahi

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