Celebrating and Recovering

Well, Sunday marked The Chad’s and my one year anniversary.

Our amazing (yes, and very large) bridal party! All my favorite people 🙂
One of my favorite shots with the Deloreon. You recall this was an ’80s-themed wedding, yes? I love that he can make me laugh that hard!

Then…a mysterious phone call on my drive home. I called to suggest that we start off the day with a breakfast at The People’s Kitchen – a little place in Bethlehem owned and run by a guy from my high school. The Chad stalls. Tells me to take more time.

Someone had been plotting a little surprise for me…

Am I alone in my love of circus peanuts? I'm sure orchids are a little more popular.
Am I alone in my love of circus peanuts? I’m sure orchids are a little more popular.

Sneaky thing.

We drove off to the People’s Kitchen, and lo and behold…they have a magical special…perfect for our love of tropical treats. French Polynesian – croissant french toast, bananas and pineapple smothered in a coconut rum glaze, and sprinkled with shredded coconut.

Tropical delight!
Tropical delight!

I had one happy husband. I did sample this culinary masterpiece, but opted for an omelette with mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes for my breakfast. Plus, the toast was this Mediterranean bread from a local bakery. I can’t even describe it…but it was sooooo much better than wheat toast! I absolutely love a relaxing breakfast with a cup of coffee. Don’t get me wrong – my daily smoothies are delicious and filling…but it felt good to shake things up.

We went to dinner at The Dime, a new restaurant in downtown Allentown, with our parents. They’re trying to revitalize the area, and if the Dime was any indicator…it’s working so far! My mom, mother-in-law, and I shared the brussel sprouts appetizer (OH. SWEET FANCY MOSES.), and hickory smoked cashews. The Chad opted for mac and cheese, then a burger for his entree, and I went with a grouper special. WOW. Just…wow.

No one was really hungry for dessert, so we decided not to indulge in any of the menu items…but as we left our waitress brought out a bag for The Chad and me with a slice of their seven layer chocolate cake to enjoy later. And…we totally dove into it from the comfort of our couch, watching a movie about the Beach Boys.

Typically, I really struggle coming back from a day of indulgence. I kind fall into a mentality that I don’t really care…thinking, “Well, I already wasted yesterday…I’ll get back on track tomorrow.” And then tomorrow turns into next week…and so on.

Monday wasn’t a breeze, but I went back into my routine. It really helps to have a set meal plan and recipes that I enjoy and familiar with making. I was back in business!

Today, we had a little tornado in our area. The Chad went out with his parents to survey the area while I taught a spin class. I am really excited about a playlist and workout that I created…and I’ll make sure I post it tomorrow! I also have to discuss the nutrition course I started. Umm…back to that tornado (sorry about the tangent!)…we were really lucky and were spared from the brunt of the storm, but there are trees down everywhere – on houses, across roads – power outages, flooding, siding dented or torn off houses…we were very, very lucky and sustained just a little hail damage and some limbs down in our backyard. So far, it seems as though no one has been injured. It was wild that were were talking about a drought warning last week to a flash flood warning just a few short days later.

Anyway…fatigue is beginning to take over. Hasta manana.

I had a little too much time on my hands yesterday while I was making dinner.
I had a little too much time on my hands yesterday while I was making dinner.

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