Eve of the 4th

Tomorrow is the best holiday ever. I used to spend every 4th of July on the beach of Emerald Isle, North Carolina, with my all my extended family on my dad’s side. We’d have pinatas, games, a huge family photo on the stairs outside, a kazoo parade up and down the beach, then settle down and watch the fireworks all along the shore. Great aunts and uncles would stand guard inside, enjoying the Boston Pops. As I got old enough to care (and my cousins were bringing “significant others” along), I also dreamed of the day I would have someone to put their arm around me as we took in the incredible firework show. You know, besides my mom or dad.

I apologize, I am getting cheesy. This is soooo not my style…(just kidding, I am a TOTAL sap!). Point being, the 4th of July was for me what Christmas is to many people…except I was at my favorite place in the world. We won’t be there tomorrow, but I still love the day 🙂

Annnnnyway…I mentioned a special little treat in the form of a Pedal Power playlist. I used this baby three times the past week. Music motivates me through a class, and this one really had some good tunes that got my ladies rockin’ and rollin’.


Any questions? I’d be happy to explain my notes. And seriously…”Fight Song” is my own anthem for the summer. In fact…I’ve been trying some new things.

***MAJOR EDIT – I made the above graphic and am mortified to see that I credited Neil Diamond with Paul Simon‘s “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”. I think the word “diamonds” in the title threw off my A-game. I am currently hanging my head in shame.***

Learning to do different things with my hair…

I’ve always been a four-trick pony when it comes to hair: Ponytail, down and curly, straightened, hot rollers. Okay, I’ve learned to do french braids…kind of…but for someone whose close friend is a hair stylist…I feel pretty inept! I stumbled upon Twist Me Pretty and immediately wanted to be friends with the writer/vlogger, Abby Smith. She’s adorable and bubbly…and just so pretty! You can find her videos HERE on YouTube. The picture above is my attempt at “The Jasmine” from her sport hairstyle video. I believe my hair is much thicker than hers (I’ve got Greek and German blood!), so I think it needs some work, but it definitely kept my hair tamed and out of the way during yoga this morning. It’s been interesting to see what I’m able to do…

Dugout Suites at the Iron Pigs
Dugout Suites at the Iron Pigs

The Chad and my family hit up our local baseball team, the Iron Pigs, last night and got to experience the dugout suites right behind home plate! It was so cool to be that close to the action…plus, there was food, drinks, and bathrooms reserved for the party we were with. I imagine my baby niece would’ve been much more comfortable in the lounge areas. A great way to experience a game!

Racing meat.
Racing meat.

Yes, Cris P. Bacon, Hambone, Hot Diggity Dog, and Barbie Cue race around the field. It’s awesome. So ridiculous, but awesome.

On that note…I have to get some food prepared for picnics over the weekend. Happy 4th of July 🙂


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