GEAR & Beer!

Heavenly brew!
Heavenly brew!

The Chad and I went out to dinner with a friend on Friday, and I noticed “Grapefruit Shandy” on their drink specials list. WOW. Light, tart, refreshing…this was delicious. I only had one, I promise. Didn’t want to get too crazy.

But while we’re on the subject…we celebrated our friend’s birthday last night at his house, and The Chad was offered Not Your Father’s Root Beer. My dear husband does not drink beer. Our friend insisted that he would like this particular brew. He was right. Oh, so right. It seriously tastes just like root beer! Visions of root beer floats danced in our heads. We drove all over the area today looking for it, only to find out that it is sold out in most locations. Secret’s out, and we’re late to the party.

Anyway, the highlight of my weekend (considering the nature of this blog) was the GEAR Indoor Cycling training I attended on Saturday. It is through AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America), and we were hosted by the Bethlehem YMCA.

WP_20150711_001This training was scheduled from 9-6…which was pretty intimidating. I’ve been to trainings where there are tons of mini workouts throughout the day, or multiple classes. Luckily, we had a small group of 6, which meant we got through the information quickly. Our instructor’s name was Sawan…and I really enjoyed her teaching style. Straightforward and very knowledgeable. Another cool thing was that while the class was all women, we all had different fitness levels and backgrounds. Two women were sisters who co-owned a karate studio and looking to expand the classes they offered. I also happened to be the youngest participant (at 29, I don’t always get that distinction!). We went over some information in our booklet – including a list of things NOT to do during class. Then, Sawan took us on a “journey”. The GEAR program refers to the classes as “journeys”, which I personally like. Sawan explained that she’ll write down the different terrains she drives along during her commutes,and crafts her class journeys using her notes with rolling hills, flat roads, even pot holes!

We all had the opportunity to lead a part of a second “journey” after lunch. Each person was assigned a component of the journey and got to choose a song. Sawan used Spotify to make a playlist. Of course, I was difficult and used a song that already had Tabata timing in the recording. Luckily, I had my iPod with me so I just had to plug it in when it was my turn.

No guts, no glory! Tired after training.
No guts, no glory! Tired after training.

We wrapped up at 2:30. So awesome! It was beautiful outside on Saturday, so it was awesome to get to enjoy some of the day.

Came home to this amazing surprise...
Came home to this amazing surprise…

The Chad spoiled me a bit and got me some Wonder Woman wear from Target. The man knows I love my Wonder Woman!

Sample "Journey" - just need the music!
Sample “Journey” – just need the music!
Frankie showing off his fresh shearing
Frankie showing off his fresh shearing

Phew…after spin class this morning, I’m still feeling tired! Time for some (more) rest.


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