New Noodles

I’ve been avoiding one Eat To Be Awesome recipe for a little while: chicken stir fry. For some reason, I really have a tough time making stir fry. I overcook, undercook, or everything sticks to the pan. Issues, I know. Also – this recipe uses shirataki noodles.

Behold, the noodles.
Behold, the noodles.

I vaguely remember seeing this on an episode of Hungry Girl some time ago, and I also remember THE Hungry Girl saying that she’d sometimes eat two bags of these. Not to worry, they really aren’t all that big.

While I don’t mind the taste or texture of tofu, I’ve been reluctant to try these noodles. They’ve been sadly sitting in the fridge, waiting to be eaten. Who knew they would meet their destiny tonight…

Veggie stir fry

This did not follow the recipe I was given. At all. Which made me really anxious as I was finishing this meal. I mean, it had potential to be awful since I was just trying to get something whipped together so I could eat.

First, I started with some olive oil and diced garlic over medium heat. So far, so good. I had some mixed frozen veggies that went in the pan next. I covered the pan and let them simmer a while. Next, some basil, roasted red pepper flakes, pepper, and grape tomatoes. Mix it up, cover it up again. Everything was cooked pretty thoroughly, so I added some plain Greek yogurt. Why? I was originally hoping to make a “creamy” sauce and remembered this trick from a friend of mine at the gym. I only added about a tablespoon and a half, which coated everything but didn’t really make a “cream” like I wanted. Time to get creative (uh oh). I had Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (like soy sauce without all the sodium and additives). That’s more stir fry-ish, isn’t it? On it went. You see my dilemma here? Too much action, not much forethought. Finally, I tossed in the noodles and covered the pan to let everything heat through.

Well, college made my stomach pretty strong (when you’re poor and in school you’ll eat anything!), so I was prepared for something gruesome. Shockingly, this was pretty delicious! And no, The Chad did not partake. Didn’t you notice how meat was blatantly absent? This is no meal for him.

Anyway, I know that I’ll be getting more of these magical shirataki noodles in the future. Fast, easy, tasty…and a good way to get that noodle fix!


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