Culture Shock

Thursday evening brought about a unique opportunity. Well, maybe not that unique. But definitely something way out of the regularly scheduled program. One of our friends invited us to a place in Lenhartsville called CJ Hummels to go line dancing. We went back and forth with our decision to join in, and finally settled on going. Shake things up.

The ride out to Lenhartsville ended up being a little more of a hike than we realized, and we soon discovered we were entering a world unknown to us. Let’s be real. I pride myself on being able to “blend” with most cultures. I mean, I’ve taught English as a Second Language in an urban school district for 7 years. My job is communication and understanding different backgrounds.

However, upon exiting our car in the parking lot, I heard, “Hey sluts!” being shouted at some young girls. Well, then. I was feeling a little uneasy. There’s country folk in them tharr hills. Our group had a quick supper (my BLT was pretty good…) and then made our way into the dance hall. $12 and two wristbands later, The Chad and I were in with our city slicker posse. What awaited us…no one could ever have expected.

WP_20150723_006 WP_20150723_009 WP_20150723_014 WP_20150723_21_07_15_SmartShootI don’t feel I can even adequately describe the scene. For each song, the crowd on the dance floor would erupt into perfectly choreographed dances. Some routines included well-timed “woo”s or enthusiastic stomps. And I was awestruck. How do they know?? This was the first time I saw men dancing as vigorously as the women. More advanced line dancers threw in extra spins or displayed their athleticism by reaching to the ground.

Now, this may come as a shock…but I do not own cowboy boots. I was certainly in the minority when it came to footwear. Seriously…the best thing I could have worn would have been a tank top, shorts, and sneakers. To be honest, I wore a shirt that was more “for show” (if you catch my drift…c’mon, it was a night out with my husband). Clearly, jumping and spinning were not in the cards for me. I did, however, try out some less…bouncy?…dances. This was not The Chad’s scene. Not everyone is meant to be a fan of country music or dancing (to be honest…the music did begin to grate on me after the second hour).

Chalk that one up to experience. Lesson learned? Consider the activity when dressing. Yup. That’s the big takeaway.

I started out Friday with a yoga class at Sweat Like A Girl. Afterwards, in my peaceful state, I decided to do some grocery shopping at Wegman’s. Grabbed a soy latte, and – thankfully – had my list to keep me on track. Despite my well-planned trip, a little something extra just begged to come home with me. (Did that sound creepy? Sorry.)

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.
Dee-dily dee.

A quick inspection of the nutrition label told me: buy them. I posted these pictures to the Eat To Be Awesome Facebook group (oh yea, that’s a thing), and these bad boys got the “Awesome Approved” stamp from Erin. But, take warning: that means that the serving size should be utilized when eating. I actually took a measuring cup and scooped out a half cup. Have you ever tried to “eyeball” a serving size as you eat the food? It does not end well.

Friday also brought the UPS man by for a visit and delivery.

Afternoon Delight Moscato sampler!

The Chad caught a great deal on Groupon for 6 bottles of Moscato for $40. We did not notice the “fine print” of the $20 required for shipping and taxes, but the total price we spent is still less than their advertised price HERE.

In good spirits from the delivery (hah – spirits! Get it? That was unintentional), I decided to try and make some hummus. The garlic olive oil I got from Seasons gave it a delightful little kick.

Enjoyed for today's afternoon snack!
Enjoyed for today’s afternoon snack!

This morning, I went to SLAG for Pedal Power with Julie and Dumbbell Diva, followed by an ETBA meeting. Chad and I ran a bunch of errands, and I’ve been enjoying a relaxing afternoon. Next Sunday, we’re heading up to the Finger Lakes with my family. I’m currently trying to figure out what my plan of action is to keep my meal plan going (at least some semblance of it). It’s going to require a special shopping list…and I believe my Vitamix will be making the trip with us. We’ll see how that goes…


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