Be Prepared

Valuable life lessons from Scar.

Although the title is meant to be a little more serious, I couldn’t help myself. Broke out into a little song. Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared…be prepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaared!

Now, with that out of the way…

Well, let’s rewind a little bit. I completely forgot to share one of my purchases:

New kicks!

On the recommendations of (many) friends, I visited the Emmaus Run Inn for my next pair of sneakers. My old pair were a purchase from TJ Maxx, and…while stylish (and bright blue!)…they were not made to last for the long haul. The soles weren’t supportive and holes were beginning to form on the uppers by my pinky toes. Annnnnnyway, I was willing to invest a little more in a shoe, since I’m not ready to splurge on cycle shoes, and I needed something versatile enough to carry me through the various classes at Sweat Like A Girl. The owner, Chris, was incredible and jumped in to help me right away (after offering The Chad and I some beer and introducing us to his big, sweet dogs that hang in the shop!). I told him about my schedule and what I was looking for, and he measured my foot. A quick aside: how awesome does it feel to get your foot measured? I don’t think I’ve had that done in decades! So, after the measurement, Chris went into the store room and brought out four different pairs of shoes he thought would work for me. He carefully helped me into each pair and told me a little about what each one offered. I was nearly deterred by a beautiful bright pink pair of Reeboks, but the Asics pictures above had a stiffer sole, which meant they would be better for spin class. Sold. And, having used them for nearly two weeks…I couldn’t be happier with my decision! My feet are thanking me…especially with the classes I’ve been covering the past few days.

Bonus: As I was taking the picture of my sneakers, Frankie decided he needed to be close to me.
Bonus: As I was taking the picture of my sneakers, Frankie decided he needed to be close to me.

Sunday began with Pedal Power. Now, in my teaching career, I’ve been trained to create lesson plans. Over time, I’ve become less detailed in my plans, but they are a great way of keeping me on track and having a vision for the week for my classroom. Not to mention they’re a part of my professional evaluation. But that’s besides the point. I would still write out my plans, even if they weren’t required. Yes, you can put that on the record! I like having a plan. I like knowing what I’m doing. That has also translated into my fitness instruction. The fun part with Pedal Power is that I plan my workouts incorporating the music and using the choruses and verses for various exercises. Now that I’ve been teaching the class more, I’ve been building workouts.

Examples of Pedal Power workouts.
Examples of Pedal Power workouts.

I can toss these index cards in my purse, have my iPod handy with my playlists loaded up, and can cover a class on short notice. Now, these playlists do take some time. I labor over the songs I choose and the order I put them in. I really strive to create motivating, energizing playlists that my students will enjoy. I received a number of compliments this week on the music, and was also told that my preparedness was obvious and appreciated. I keep the index card on my handlebars in front of me during class so I can properly cue the students and maintain a flow in class. Now, I know this isn’t how everyone works. The owner, Heather, is the absolute master of improvisation! I’ve never seen anyone come up with such tough, engaging workouts on the fly…but she does it with ease! I just am not that type of instructor.

Now, The Chad and I threw a little spontaneity in and grabbed some breakfast at Griddle 145.

Mimosa and coffee? Perfect!
Tomato Florentine Eggs Benedict

We had a little visit to Patient First for The Chad – someone had a little sinus infection that turned into bronchitis. 😦 Luckily, the staff over at Patient First was incredible and he got all the screenings, x-rays, and medications in under an hour.

Recipe I found in a magazine in the waiting room...
Recipe I found in a magazine in the waiting room…

Unfortunately, The Chad suffered the loss of his grammy on Sunday. Her funeral is tomorrow and it’s been a pretty somber, difficult week for him and his family. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of truly knowing this grammy, as she’s been afflicted with dementia for quite some time. This was the type of passing that, on one hand, you believe you’re prepared for because it’s been a long time coming, but, on the other hand…it doesn’t alleviate the pain of losing that loved one.

To get a little sappy…because I’m entitled (it’s my blog and you’re welcome to skip this part)…I always felt like I hit the in-law jackpot with The Chad’s family. I’ve heard horror stories of in-laws and the tensions that exist. The Chad has this tight-knit family circle that actually like to spend time with one another. They’re always visiting, calling, and checking up on one another. I mean, it’s absolutely incredible. And, although I did not have the distinct pleasure of truly knowing any of The Chad’s grandparents, their legacy is so well-cared for in their families. Their love and support they showed to their families has translated to a new generation of wonderful people who still value their relationships with one another and want to maintain those bonds. I feel like I can know The Chad’s grandparents in the way he cares about other people. He is always trying to make other people laugh! In all the pictures I’ve seen for the funeral tomorrow, there are broad smiles or mouths agape in middle of a guffaw (how great is that word?). That joy and love of family is what transcends all the “stuff” we deal with in everyday life.

I’m grateful for this outlet, because as the most “recent” member of the family, I feel a little out of place in the midst of the pain and loss everyone else is feeling. So, I appreciate the deviation from my normal ramblings today.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, but I will be sharing how I’ve been preparing for our upcoming trip with my family. See? More preparation. Scar would be proud.


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