New Experiences

Bangs & Blue!
Bangs & Blue!

It was time for a haircut, and I was itching for something a little different without compromising the length. They require more work, but so far…so good! I’ve had a little color in my hair for the past two years now, but this is the first time I’ve had aqua. I’m so happy with how the color turned out…sometimes it doesn’t come out the way you anticipate, but this was on point. Yay!

We had a little dinner with my family on Sunday since my younger brother went back to Penn State on Monday. He joined the Navy ROTC this year and got an amazing scholarship, so it’s likely we won’t see him for a while. That’s pretty rough. He performed in his final concert with the Legion Band that evening, so The Chad and I went along and took Frankie with us. Ahh, the beauty of outdoor concerts.

American Legion Band concert with Frankie
American Legion Band concert with Frankie

Monday was special for me – I got to babysit my 4 month old niece, Evelyn. My sister-in-law had to set up her classroom for the start of the school year and I got to be on duty. She’s so little, so the day was spent with playtime on the floor, feedings, and naps. Just a few wet diapers – I really dodged the bullet!

Babysitting my adorable niece, Evelyn
Babysitting my adorable niece, Evelyn
Seriously - so cute!!
Seriously – so cute!!

The Chad and I have been aching for Joe’s Crab Shack for months. The closest location is in King of Prussia. We also decided to go down to a teaching supply store called Lakeshore. Our friend Rachel came along. Lakeshore was nice enough – the appeal of that store is that you have a wide variety of school supplies. They have great bulletin boards and posters, fun borders, and anything a teacher would really need. However, you can find many of those things at the dollar store, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Unfortunately, you risk the quality and selection that is available at a specialty store like Lakeshore. I ended up getting two posters and some borders since I’m moving to a middle school this year, but Rachel filled up a cart in preparation for her first permanent classroom position. We’ve been helping her set up her classroom, and I’m in awe of how nice her building is. Air conditioning, tons of windows, storage, whiteboards, a SMART board, a big flatscreen TV…such a neat room. Meanwhile, The Chad took me past my school for the upcoming year, and I got to see for myself what the teachers meant when they said there wasn’t any parking. There’s the little loop in front of the school for buses and cars to pull through and drop off students, but that’s about it. Then you rely on street parking. And…it’s not exactly the nicest part of town. But…I get to school by 7:15 and am finished at 2:35. That’s nice. I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for other opportunities.

Back to Joe’s Crab Shack…

The Chad ready for the steamer pot!
The Chad ready for the steamer pot!
A little S'mores dessert split among three
A little S’mores dessert split among three

Tuesday brought another adventure. The Chad finally had his appointment with the incomparable Alexis at Electric Cheetah for his long-awaited tattoo. I was so excited for the final image he picked, and was anxious to see what it was like to actually get a tattoo. It’s been something I’ve considered many times, but can never decide on a design or location. Too fickle. The Chad ended up sitting for over 5 hours as Alexis crafted the masterpiece on his right arm. It ended up being bigger than either of us expected, but I’m thrilled with the outcome. He still has to go back for a second appointment for a few finishing touches, but I can’t get over the amazing work Alexis did.

I've been calling her Gertrude. The Chad does not approve.
I’ve been calling her Gertrude. The Chad does not approve.

I mean, check out the wood grain on the treasure chest! And the picture does not do Alexis’s skill on the fin justice. The colors are flippin’ amazing! The Chad’s been a bit sore – he says it’s like a bad sunburn – but man…I just love this! I found myself reconsidering a tattoo. Who knows? Alexis has a pretty long waitlist…maybe I’ll find myself on it…

The tattoo appointment ran so long that I wound up missing my gym classes. Not good. So I had to compensate by making an extra healthy dinner.

I used Pasta Zero spaghetti noodles, sauteed some tomatoes, garlic, spinach, and freeze-dried basil, then cooked up a Mahi Mahi burger I found at Wegman’s. I topped everything off with a little (organic) feta cheese and some balsamic vinegar, and I had quite a tasty meal!

Freeze-dried basil added a nice pop of flavor!
Freeze-dried basil added a nice pop of flavor!
The “pasta”
With toppings
With toppings

I loved that it felt like a substantial amount of food, but everything was easy to throw together (especially after such a long time at the tattoo parlor!) and it tasted pretty amazing (if I do say so myself).

And…I’m proud that I didn’t resort to picking something up. That’s been my downfall this summer. Too hot and feeling lazy to cook. Now, it’s time to get back into my workout and cooking routine before regular work kicks in again. Ugh. I can’t believe how quickly August is going by…


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