Getting Ready

Oh, it’s that time again.back to school

I know. I had off all summer. Well, technically I worked at my dad’s office…so it wasn’t all fun and games. Where does the time go? The Chad goes back to school (with kids) tomorrow 😦 My district has three in-service days planned this week, and kids come back next Tuesday after Labor Day. I have the fortune of starting all over at a new school with a new grade level. Hoorayyyyy. ::sarcasm::

Blank slate.
Blank slate.


In all honesty, I am kind of looking forward to a different schedule. My district cut “specials” (art, music, gym, library) a few years ago, so elementary teachers only got one prep period during the day once every five days. It madey,  for a very long, exhausting day. Middle school (where I’m heading) has a prep built in every day. Plus, I’ll get done by 2:45, which is also a nice change in schedule. Unfortunately, I am starting at square one with supplies and decorations. And, I mean, middle school kids don’t really appreciate fun little decorations like elementary kids do. I have some things in mind for my room, so hopefully I can achieve my vision.

Some fun things:

Greenmouth Juice Bar in Allentown!
Greenmouth Juice Bar in Allentown!

My friend, Melissa, and I grabbed all-natural, organic, non-GMO smoothies at Greenmouth Juice Cafe since they opened a second location in Allentown. I was so impressed with their selection of treats and meals. A little pricey, but WOW! So delicious…and nutritious!

Delicious dinner!

I made some progress this week – I really wasn’t craving sugar much, and I was making better food choices. One night, I made the salad pictured above: arugula, sweet and sour tuna, tomatoes, avocados, and feta cheese. Then, I drizzled it with honey serrano balsamic vinegar and sesame seed oil. Yum!

But the greatest progress this week was getting my workout routine in some semblance. I planned my classes out and followed through. Hooray! AND…even more exciting (for me, I suppose. Not so much for you), but The Chad is prepared to join me in my eating habits.


We came up with a meal plan for the week and are trying to cut back on the amount we eat out. Admit it – we’re not the only ones who just lose the motivation to cook at the end of the day. With The Chad going back to school, making meals ahead of time and having meals packed will be a challenge, but important for us to do. So, tomorrow begins the maiden voyage. Hopefully, The Chad will be off to school with a nourishing breakfast, sensible snacks, and lunch. Luckily, the big thing on my agenda tomorrow is going into my classroom to set things up, which will give me a little time to get things in order for us. I also have to start waking up early. That early dismissal time from school means that I need to get there early. That could be a problem.

And, with my big shopping trip last night, I picked up some turmeric. I am so excited to try it in my morning shake and some other recipes I’ve found! It’s supposed to be helpful with digestion (among many other things), so I’m optimistic that I’ll see some positive effects from using it more frequently.

With that, I think I’ll need to do a little work in the kitchen. Or, I might continue watching “The Office” on Netflix. Damn you, Netflix.


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