Season of Change

Well, it finally happened. Fall started. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate the cooler weather and wearing long sleeves and jeans. And having the windows open. Girl loves a lower electric bill.

Fall and winter are always tough times of the year for The Chad and I, though. As the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder, we’re prone to falling into bad habits laying around the house and getting little accomplished. Yesterday, we tackled our garage. It felt so good to do some purging and re-organize. My goal is to clean out and finish our office area before winter hits. Anyway…the darkness stinks.

Luckily, I’ve been able to pick up some more classes at Sweat Like A Girl.

Clearly, my shirt is meant ironically.
Clearly, my shirt is meant ironically.

The Chad has been invaluable in my musical selection for classes. One of the most common compliments I get after class is on the music. I know it motivates me as I push through my workout, and The Chad has been awesome at helping me put songs together. He recently dug through his collection for Halloween songs as I put together October playlists (holy cow, October?!). My parents even got in on the action when we went out for brunch this morning.

Selfies happen when I get to class a little too early.
Selfies happen when I get to class a little too early.

It was a beautiful week at school – some small issues, but The Chad even commented on how much happier I am this year. I broke down about 18 times by this point last year. No break downs so far, so I’d say it’s a success thus far!

Sunrise during the morning commute.
Sunrise during the morning commute.

Nighttime preparations continue to be key. I can’t express what a difference it makes to have my food and clothes all set in the morning. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a mess in the morning. I love waking up and getting started with my day…just in a leisurely way. It’d be awesome to have a cup of coffee, watch the news, and drink my breakfast smoothie at home. Well, until then…we’ll keep playing the lottery.

Most exciting thing? I got a body composition analysis yesterday through Eat To Be Awesome. A company called Inner Image came to SLAG. Time to get a little personal here. I’ve been following the ETBA meal plans and working with Erin for a while. I’ve stepped up my workout game, and tried to maintain consistency. I feel differences…I’m stronger, clear-headed, energetic, and – I’m going to say it – my booty is getting a little rounder and perkier…watch out Beyonce! Too much? Wishful thinking? Well, it happened. But I’ve been struggling. Mostly with the scale. Things are a little…stagnant. I’ve been so frustrated and had a lot of discussions with Erin (the nutritionist, remember?) about what I can do to fix things.

Well, when I heard about this body composition analysis, I was excited. This test provides you data on your fat vs. muscle makeup, muscular balance, how many calories you need to fuel your body based on that muscular makeup (seriously, if you just clink on the Inner Image link you can see all the amazing data available through this test).

The owner, Scott, was a large (tall) man…Mr. Clean-esque. So, so sweet. The test itself only took a few minutes, but Scott and Erin sat me down and discussed my results with me. I discovered some awesome, empowering things about my body. Like, my skeletal muscle mass (weight in pounds of muscle attached to bone; responsible for movement, posture, and body temperature; muscle most easily affected through physical activity and exercise) is 66%. According to Erin and Scott, this is an incredible percentage. I have a lot of muscle.

This shows that my left arm, right arm, trunk, right leg, and left leg are balanced in strength.

Apparently, this, too, is very good. Scott said that this essentially means that my training is on point. I’m training these muscle groups equally, so my body is very balanced. Unfortunately, the obvious was also confirmed – I’m carrying a good portion of excess fat. Duh. That’s what I’m trying to lose! But the really amazing, exciting thing is…this test told me why. The reason strength training is so effective is because muscle burns calories. THIS article can shed a little more light on that for you. But to break down my results…I asked Scott and Erin for a little clarification. Essentially, I have a pretty great muscle base (yup, ego stroke!) but there’s that pesky fat I’ve been carrying. And if I haven’t been feeding myself enough (which, for my lean muscle mass makeup, is somewhere in the 1,500 calorie range), I would be storing a lot of fat to fuel my muscles. Add to that my walking around at school, and classes at SLAG where I burn around 1,000 calories, I need to rethink what my eating plan is. Erin and I have are planning a one-on-one session to determine how I can get my body the nutrients it needs.


Oh! And one more fun thing.


Yup. I admit it. I love pumpkin flavored things. But I don’t reserve them for the fall. I will happily eat or drink pumpkin flavored products. This was a nice little treat. Just sayin’.

And with that, I must find some fall things to put up around the house. The time has come.


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