Fall Fever

I think fall has been a reminder that winter is quickly approaching, so The Chad and I have been trying to keep busy with little projects around the house to make this winter the most comfortable and cozy we’ve had since moving in together. We’ve been working on something or other in our home for years, and though the end is still not totally in sight…the little room updates are finally nearing an end…

Until last Saturday. We were rocking and rolling with yard work when I threw a load of laundry in. After picking some weeds, I went back to our basement to throw that load into the dryer and another into the washer…and I was met with three inches of water lapping at my toes. Oh yes, the floor drain had flooded. Which meant there was water in our carpeted basement bedroom next to the laundry room. Hooray! Clearly, we needed a water feature in our day to make things interesting! A few shopvac loads of water, a trip to Lowe’s, two dehumidifier drop-offs, and The Chad chopping up the carpet…the basement status went from crisis to stabilized. The Chad was a champ and finished mowing the lawn – no easy task after a water war – and finally succumbed to the couch with the hum of the dehumidifiers and fans beneath us.

Today was shaping up to be more productive, but the drop in temperature had us retreating to blankets and HGTV. Why is it so much more satisfying to watch home transformations than do them yourself? Probably because the tv version has professional completing the task and creative editing makes the process last only 5 minutes.

In my workout life, I have been loving all the spin classes I’ve been covering with the “spooky tunes” I’ve used. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my music and the workout. I even got to cover a Sweatcamp class this past Thursday – where we did stations of various intense exerises – and it was so fun teaching a different format. I’ve needed to get more strength training in my life. Though…I added “plank jacks” in the mix – you’re holding a plank position and jump your legs out and in – and I actually felt very strong and maintained a good speed for the 45-second rotation. After speaking with Erin, the nutritionist for our one-on-one session last week, I’ve started using My Fitness Pal with a target calorie intake of 1800. Whoa! From my basal metabolic rate of 1541, the extra calories account for my movement throughout the day. We discussed ways to add protein and beneficial calories in my day. I’ve started adding an extra half scoop of protein powder in my morning smoothie and a handful of almonds at lunch. It’s nice knowing that I can have a little extra here and there, but I appreiate that My Fitness Pal is keeping me honest with how much “a little extra” can go. I’m still blown away by how much added sugar there is in so many foods – my Oikos greek yogurt is a small sugar bomb when it’s flavored! I thought I found a great low-sugar alternative at Giant, but unforunately it is sweetened with agave. (Check out this short article for more info) My Perfectly Simple coconut protein bars deliver a great amount of protein (duh), but also contain a lot of sugar. I’m trying to cut them out of my morning snack and reserve them for a pre-workout treat or post-workout recovery. I’m still waiting to see some significant changes on the scale, but I know my problem is “treating” myself. I have a hard time limiting treats to one day. A friend of mine has one day a week where she goes a little crazy, but is back to regimented eating habits the other 6 days. The Chad and I successfully cut back on our eating out this week…the man even ate black bean pasta!…but I have to be careful of the little Halloween candies that are sneaking into my life. Blast you, bite-size Snickers.

And now…some playlists!

Spooky Playlist 1Spooky Playlist 2


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