Thanking, Trotting, Training

Man, these weeks are flying by! This fall has really gone by so quickly…I can’t believe it’s the first Sunday in Advent.

Luckily, The Chad and I were able to take some time and slow down the past few days. How glorious to have a few days off from school! Plus, I had parent/teacher conferences last Monday and Tuesday, so I was able to get a ton of work done between conferences. Feels good to have some time to get back on top of the paperwork and planning.

We also got to spend a lot of time with family the past few days. We’re very fortunate that people live nearby. Plus, all those meals were made for us…score!

Yesterday was the first big test of my running: the Turkey Trot 5K. The Chad walked with my parents, cousins, brother, and niece (who got to stay all cozy in her stroller), while my other brother, sister-in-law, and sister-in-law’s mother ran the race. In my “training” (ie. running around the neighborhood), I have not hit the 3-mile mark. I strategized to just go at whatever pace I could handle for as long as I could. It ended up that I was able to jog the entire race and had an impressive finish where I sprinted ahead of a whole pack of people. My time was around 37 minutes, which is a personal best for me. I’m still overwhelmed that I was able to jog the entire race and was able to listen to my body to speed up and slow down throughout the race.

Most shockingly of all was today. The mornings after my runs are usually somewhat painful and awkward. However, as I got ready to teach Pedal Power this morning, I felt some aches, but overall still strong! So awesome. I had an awesome playlist, my sister-in-law showed up for class (so fun!), and now The Chad and I have some more housework and Christmas decorating on the “to do” list for today. And what’s that? No school tomorrow? Oh, heck yes. This day shall be glorious! Maybe we can mooch dinner off of someone, too. That would just hit the trifecta of perfection.

PLEASE enjoy these playlists (I know I’m loving ’em!). The Chad is being such a sport and touching up some painting on our bookshelves so that I can get my Martha Stewart on. Who am I kidding? We decorate like Jimmy Buffett mixed with Liberace in this house! Yeah, try to picture that one!

ThanksgivingPlaylistLeftovers Playlist


One thought on “Thanking, Trotting, Training

  1. Awesome job on the 5K, Mads!! 🙂

    And…I can’t wait to see pictures of your house decorated…I bet it’ll be the most fun on the block!

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