Small Victories

Two days of packed lunches! Well, technically three since tomorrow’s lunches are tucked away in the refrigerator for tomorrow.

I also made a goal for myself to make Friday my “treat day”. I’m avoiding calling it my “cheat” day since I don’t want to give it a negative connotation. I can indulge in a little more food, and enjoy some confections and baked goods that have been sneaking their way into my daily diet.

The Chad and I ended up going to a restaurant last night. This place is famous for its burgers, and their Monday night special is a burger with a side of onion straws and a piece of chocolate cake. I was able to resist temptation and ordered a chicken salad platter (chicken salad on a bed of lettuce with cucumbers and tomatoes) and tomato soup. I felt full, and only ate half the amount of the chicken salad they gave me.

Unforunately, they had this spectacular pie available for dessert. It’s only available seasonally, and it is definitely loaded with sugar. It’s called pumpkin walnut crunch: a pumpkin pie topped with this incredible layer of candied walnuts. ::insert Homer Simpson-esque drooling:: The Chad, knowing my love for this pie is real, tries to guerilla order a slice for me. With my cat-like reflexes, I asked that it be boxed to go. Doubt hung like a cloud. Would this pie make it home?

Well, friends, it is currently in my freezer, awaiting its day of reckoning on Friday.

I also resisted the pumpkin roll and lemon cookies in my kitchen. And then, I resisted the multitude of doughnuts at my school. Tell you what, it makes such a diffence to change that lifestyle. I feel so much more alert and energized when I’m eating well. Though, I am a testament to how quickly a healthy diet falls apart when schedules become busier and motivation is lacking.

So, I’m just taking this day by day.

Check out my lunch from today! Leftovers from the chicken salad platter on a bed of spinach and a lovely spray of English cucumber slices.
This chia pudding is MY JAM. About 1/2 cup serving topped with walnuts and craisins. Sweet fancy chia.
And, shopping victory! A luciously soft faux-fur vest…not too animal-like, and red shoes. But hark…take a loser look at those shoes…
Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaa!! Under a dollar!!

Pedal Power was also excellent this evening. A full class + a rockin’ playlist = sweat fest!

Tomorrow I’ll be covering “Sweatcamp” class – our circuit strength training class. Can’t wait to deliver a tough workout!


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