Treats n’ Feats

12/11/15 : A Treat Day to Remember

Friday came without much commotion. Another ordinary day…for some. But I knew.

I knew.

Treat day had arrived.

And you know what? I had my chia pudding for lunch. My usual morning snack. My usual lunch. Tea. Water. I grabbed a chai tea from Dunkin’ Donuts on my drive to drop off a check to our heating company after school. I celebrated the birthday of two friends with a few boneless wings and two vodka-and-tonics. I ate my delightful pie that was carefully defrosted in the fridge and awaiting me later that evening.

And my next hurdle was making sure that Treat Day did not continue through today.

It didn’t. And that was the greatest victory!

In fact, today was pretty awesome. Girls on the Run had their 5K, and I was a running buddy for a sweet girl I had on my team two years ago.


So, as a running buddy, it was my responsibility to motivate my girl throughout the race (obviously…?). But, the awesome Girls on the Run committee sets up little booths prior to the race. They had antlers for us to adorn, red noses, and spray-on hair color. Guess who got the trifecta of fun?

Might I add, initially I went with my buddy to the hair spray booth, and we each did a little stripe in each other’s hair (I mean, I still have a permanent blue streak in my hair).

Fast forward 15 minutes, as I’m talking to other teachers serving as running buddies, and two of the girls from our school’s team (my buddy being one of them), linked their elbows with me and said, “We need you to come with us.”

Like a lamb to slaughter, I was led outside. There, I was bombarded with spray-on color by four of the girls. My hair dripped silver, pink, yellow, and blue, and eventually hardened into a rainbow shell on my head.

Ahh. The things I put myself through for a few laughs.

My buddy did an awesome job jogging and walking as she felt comfortable throughout the race. I felt strong, but knew this race wasn’t for me…it was for her. And honestly, it was awesome feeling energized enough to keep cheering her on, especially going up a massive hill in the last mile and making her final sprint on the homestretch. We finished in about 45 minutes, which I though was pretty awesome for a program that only trains the girls twice a week for eight weeks.

On the horizon…a week getting hollier and jollier…Christmas t-shirts in school, treat day next Saturday, and STAR WARS!!!!

Oh, and my spin classes 🙂


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