Change in Date

So, I haven’t done New Year’s Resolutions in a while. Mostly because they don’t work. I want the changes I make to be enduring. They’re meant to take time, to encounter setbacks, and to grow from experience.

I would like to be able to do a handstand by the end of this year.

Other than that, I’m forging ahead, trying to incorporate more strength into my workout routines, possibly making myself into a runner, and continuing to build a life with The Chad and Frankie.

AND…I’ve picked up a third class doing “Sweatcamp” on Wednesdays at the gym. I had my first class last week with 21 students! Apparently, it was well-received. I heard that the ladies enjoyed my session. I did dynamic stretching and warm-ups, followed by some group sets of exercises (squat jumps, side lunges, push-ups, plank ups, and mountain climbers), a Tabata set, then I split the ladies into five groups of four (one group of five) for one minute sets of exercises.

I’m trying to motivate myself to continue running. The colder weather makes it difficult. Apparently winter has finally reared its ugly head in Pennsylvania.

Seriously considered these. Figured The Chad would not agree with my decor. Especially since I ate Ben & Jerry’s. At least it was the Fro-Yo version.

I got to enjoy a weekend with two of my very best friends, Heather and Kenya. Our other friend Leah had some personal matters to attend to, so she wasn’t able to join us 😦 Normally, we’ve gone snowboarding. The local resorts have only recently begun making snow, so we decided to take a different route…

Check out Kenya’s flip in the last photo! Trampoline parks are a thing, and I have two in my area! We hit up the closer of the two, which was pretty awesome. You’ll notice the “Ninja Warrior” course. That was fun. And difficult!

Of course, with good friends come good food. I’ve been making some decent choices when I go out, actually. Rather proud of myself. MyFitnessPal is my friend again. She’s a fickle B, but so far, so good. For the record, that sticky toffee cake (while positively DELIGHTFUL), which divided into six pieces, was shared among my family. So…more good choices. Unlike the aforementioned Ben & Jerry’s.

That said, on to another week!


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