According to MyFitnessPal, I have a 16 day streak of logging in. That’s 16 days of holding myself accountable, documenting what I put in my body, and trying to hit my goal of 4 days with at least 1 hour of working out. Since I teach 3 classes every week, it’s a pretty manageable goal.

I suppose that’s why I’m seeing more management than progress.

Wow, that was pretty introspective for a snow day morning.

The Chad asked me where I saw the most results. It was 2013, I was doing Shakeology, and I was working out nearly every day for one or two hours. The gym was a mere five minutes away, and I was competitive in pole. The Chad is so supportive, and I feel like I sacrifice so much time since the gym is far away. But I don’t sacrifice time on meal prep. I was doing okay with making my breakfasts and lunches the night before, or having some grab and go items, but I’m still terrible at really planning ahead and keeping us well fed throughout the day. I haven’t been to the farmer’s market in weeks…probably even months…and I need to get my groove back in the kitchen.

I also want to do more at home. I feel my energy humming after I work out and from cutting out sugar (well, up until the great blizzard). Even after shoveling out of 30″ of snow on Sunday, I felt energized. I haven’t been wanting or needing an afternoon nap, but the streets aren’t clear enough for a run. Plus, I need to incorporate more strength into my workouts. After all, I want to get that handstand by December 31st!

So here it is. A challenge for myself to incorporate one home workout this week. I’ll be teaching today and tomorrow, so I can do PiYo, or something online, but it’s getting done. I’ll start with one, and make it habit.

With two days off of school, there’s still work to be done. Happy Tuesday 🙂


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