Sickly Valentine

Not gonna lie – I had a rough two weeks. Frustrations and stress levels were high, and my eating habits fell out of whack. Of course, that just makes me feel worse, and continues the cycle. Last week, I started feeling “myself” again. How often have we gotten stuck in a cycle like that? I’m glad that I was aware enough to recognize I was in a bad place, and start working towards getting out of my funk. Honestly…the number one way for me to feel better is to get my booty to the gym. Few things feel better than a good workout with the ladies at Sweat Like A Girl. I’m still not at a good place with consistent workouts. But more on that later.

Pennsylvania lingered in sub-zero temperatures for the past few days. Which really sucked. The Chad and I had a four day weekend for President’s Day, and I had lofty goals of getting outside to run. With wind chills taking us to nearly fifteen below zero, that just wasn’t in the cards.

We used Friday to get out of the house and do some errands, since most people still had to work (teacher win!). For the first time in months, we got to Renninger’s farmer’s market in Kutztown and Echo Hill dry goods store. I was able to score some dried Asian pears (ironically, grown in PA) and nutritional yeast, along with some fresh veggies, meat, and some other things I needed to restock in the kitchen. I’m telling you. I had big plans. Four days off sounded like a great opportunity to do some meal planning and prepping, cleaning, and enjoying time with The Chad.

Saturday rolled in, and The Chad and I had breakfast with his parents, brother, and sister-in-law. My nose started running, and I was constantly grabbing for tissues. A minor inconvenience. Well, by Saturday evening, my nose was a leaky faucet and pressure was building in my head. Awesome. Who doesn’t love getting sick on long weekends? Okay, okay. Some decongestant, echinacea tea, lots of fluids, hope for the best.

Waking up throughout the night made my alarm come so quickly, and I had to teach Pedal Power at the gym. But what’s this? My throat is beginning to feel raw. Hooray! That’s perfect while teaching a class where you yell and sing and motivate! Well, popped some more decongestant and gargled some salt water (thanks, Mom), and made my way through the arctic tundra. Now, Sweat Like A Girl is an industrial space…we turn off the heat each night because of our limited hours and to avoid massive expense of heating such a large space. This made for interesting conditions when I arrived…a balmy 38 degrees. I still got the ladies and myself worked up in a sweat by the end, but whew! I almost left my coat on during the warmup!

But check out this playlist…we were rockin’!

Valentine Pedal Power

Between the frosty air and chatting with clients, I felt better by the minute, and my throat didn’t bother me at all during class. But, I knew I shouldn’t make it a morning at the gym. After cleaning up my bike, I felt a little weak and knew I needed some sustenance. The Chad suggest a Valentine’s Day brunch. My over-easy eggs and coffee tasted great. Or, rather, they went down without a problem. My taste buds weren’t operating at full capacity.

What should’ve been a productive, lovely day with my handsome Valentine turned into NapFest 2016 and I sulked around the house feeling badly for myself, then felt worse for being such a bum.

On the upside…I started incorporating my protein shakes back into my meal rotation. I was phasing them out because I didn’t want a cold milkshake in the wintery months. I guess I just needed a break, since they’re making a grand reappearance on the coldest weekend in the winter. Hah.

Now, we’re pretty much up to speed. Today I was feeling a little better, though I still took an opportunity to nap during an awful  movie on Netflix (“The Butcher’s Wife”). Demi Moore and Jeff Daniels. Such potential. But Demi was blonde…which was weird.

Plenty of afternoon left after that atrocity, so I took to doing some dishes and making supper – it had to be that delightful tuna noodle casserole from a previous post! I also tried my hand at Peanut Butter Brownie Balls. They were a bit dry, but they passed The Chad’s taste test. I’ll figure out the texture issue another time.

Most notably, The Chad has made the decision to improve his eating habits. He’s trying out Shakeology.for the next month and making better choices for lunch. He tried his shake this morning, and really liked it. I’m so proud of him and excited that we’re finally on the same page. He’s always been open to trying new things, but would often opt for a sample of the food I made and then have something more “appetizing”. This has been a weak spot for me…instead of sticking with my original plan, I would abandon it and we’d opt for takeout or something that wasn’t really a great food choice. The Chad and I like so many of the same things, that I take for granted his willingness to try different foods. And I admit – there have been some awful recipes that I’ve thrown at him. We’re starting to find that balance of eating good food that’s good for us.

We’ve discussed how this change in diet could be the start to The Chad and I working out together. All that’s really left to do is clean up our basement area and get that bench and those weights out. That may be easier said than done…but I’m optimistic! I’m really excited for him to show me his favorite exercises and for us to get stronger together. Weights are something I struggle with on my own, and it will be so awesome to have him guiding me.

Hopefully, with some more fluids and meds, I’ll be kickin’ this illness to the curb soon. I have Philly MANIA beginning on Friday – three days of fitness fun! Can’t wait! I have some Schwinn, bodyweight, and nutrition workshops on my agenda, and look forward to learning some new things.

With that, I leave you with Frankie. He is adorable, and very happy to have us home.



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