Philly MANIA – Part 2


Normally, Saturday is my day to “sleep in” (you know, until 7 or 8). My first session was scheduled for 7:00 sharp. Now, I have not made an investment in either bike shorts (with that lovely Kim Kardashian boost in the toosh) or clip-in bike shoes. Since I do a wide variety of workouts, I’ve felt it necessary to stay loaded up on brightly patterned capris and pants. Oh, and shirts to coordinate. Don’t worry, I do most of my workout clothes shopping online or through TJ Maxx and Old Navy, so I typically pay under $20.

The reason I mention this is because after two classes on two bikes that my booty was unaccustomed to, I was feeling a certain…you know…pain. Looking ahead at my schedule and the sessions I had registered for, my glutes clenched in fear. I’ve since re-evaluated my bicycling equipment and have been hunting. The search continues.

On to the fun stuff!

Schwinn: Teaching Tips from TED

Still pumped (albeit sore) from the previous night’s Schwinn ride, I had great expectations for this presentation by Schwinn’s Lead Master Trainer, Jeffrey Scott. I recently received an email saying he had won the award for Male Presenter of the Year at Philly MANIA. It was certainly well-deserved!

Jeffrey used some samples of TED talks to inspire us to embrace our personalities when we teach a class. I’m telling you, I saw so much of what I try to convey in my classes to what Jeffrey presented. It just felt so good to feel so drawn to a kindred spirit. Visions of one day become a Schwinn Master Trainer danced in my head…

But the purpose of this session was not to show off or fit a certain mold. It was about being passionate and knowledgeable about what you are teaching. I can appreciate different styles of instructors – some of more focused and demanding, some integrate humor and make the class a party. All have their place and niche in the world of fitness, and they all can motivate you in profound and different ways. After his presentation, we moved into a workout jam packed with awesome music, and a ride that required you to focus on pushing yourself a little more and being a part of the class community.

Tabata Bootcamp Express Workout

Now, I’m certified in Tabata Bootcamp, and I was originally trained by the creator, Mindy Mylrea. She and her husband, Bruce, were both at this convention, so I had to go to some of her sessions to see what new things she came up with and how she’s integrating it into this program I know and love. Heather (the owner of SLAG) is a Master Trainer for Tabata Bootcamp, so she and most of the other gals went to this session. It was hard work, but we managed to have a little fun.

The purpose of Tabata Express is to take a typical Tabata round (20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds) and extend it into a manageable workout over the course of a half hour (or you can make it work for an hour). The Tabata rounds are changed to 30-20-10 intervals with breaks in between. This equates to a hard-harder-hardest interval. You can take something like a lunge. 30 seconds of lunging. Make that harder for 20 seconds. Say, you’ll lunge and add a single-leg balance. Then, the hardest level. Lunge and jump into a single-leg hop for 10 seconds. These 30-20-10 Tabatas are designed to focus on one part of the body (as opposed to a dynamic, full-body exercise like a burpee, which are reserved for a traditional Tabata).

If you look at the pic on the right, that’s Mindy standing up. She is so passionate about fitness, and truly one of the sweetest people ever. So. Much. Energy.

Primal Movement

The description for this session mentioned using functional body movements to incorporate into classes and help develop strong, basic movements. I figured this would be a great tool to integrate into my Sweatcamp class and develop more strategies for assessing and correcting form.

The presenter, Fabio Comana (SERIOUSLY.)  had 80ish letters after his name. This is one educated fella. Check out THIS video to get a little sampling of his intelligence and lovely accent.

The science involved in this session was slightly overwhelming. And by slightly, I mean Fabio dropped an atomic bomb of knowledge on us. I had a hard time keeping up and tried to take pictures. Essentially, he is an advocate for Functional Movement Systems (like the Garcias from the day before), and demonstrated how we have created a pattern of misaligning ourselves. For example, if we really consider the way we walk…what part of the foot should strike first, where the force should be absorbed, what muscles and tendons are contracting or stretching to make that movement possible…(so much to consider already!) We, as humans, have created equipment (shoes) that misalign our appendages that were designed to function a certain way.

I volunteered to have my step realigned. (I immediately began sweating profusely out of nervousness and prayed that I didn’t smell from my Schwinn or Tabata sessions). Fabio rotated my foot until my ankle was aligned. It felt like I was walking on the outside of my foot entirely. When we overcompensate with rotations of our appendages, we need to misalign another joint to realign the initial problem. Let me rephrase: since I rotate my foot to the inside when my foot strikes the ground as I walk, my knee and hip joints are also rotating out of their intended range. When you start throwing in heavy weights or other high intensity exercises, it’s no wonder we see so many injuries!

I hope I’ve summarized that properly. It’s really so much more involved with that, but my little pea brain was working overtime to comprehend that much. Incredibly fascinating, and certainly something I’m interested in becoming more educated about.

MOi Cycle: Strength Ride

Back to the MOi Cycle. This time, I got to ride with the creator…Moi! This program uses good, driving music, but I’ll reiterate – it’s much more intense and focused than any other indoor cycling class I’ve experienced.

I mean…check out the ride we did. Our heart rate range was up rather high for the majority of the ride. The RPM was a little slower and more consistent, but the purpose was to imitate a long, steady climb. Ouch!

“No Way” Nutrition Nuggets

It had to happen. I couldn’t love everything I was attending. This was my least favorite session. I know I’m not an expert in the nutrition field. However, I have worked with a nutritionist, my Eat To Be Awesome group, taken a nutrition course, and do a lot of research on my own on the way food affects our bodies. This woman had a successful program, but was advocating eating less and working out more. I liked her format of the session: she asked us a question, we tried to answer in teams, then after a series of questions she would review the answers and how it affected our diets. Teams got points for correct responses.

Guess who won?

We were offered membership into one of her accountability groups for weight loss (yea…no thanks) or a digital copy of her cookbook. I still haven’t downloaded it. Oops. I’m sure there are some good recipes I can use…

Since we’re on the topic of eating…

We ran off to a Mexican restaurant (the name escapes me now…) and enjoyed some awesome margaritas eating back all the calories we burned off!

One day left! What else could possibly happen?


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