Philly MANIA – Part 3 & Updates

Whoops! Where have I been?!

Lots of work, lots of classes at the gym, trying to cook more at home, trying to spend time outside with The Chad and Frankie the Fuzz, and visiting family.

And now…the final recap of Philly Mania.


Schwinn: The “Hard” Conversation

Clearly, I have developed strong feelings for Schwinn by this time. I love their philosophy of making the ride an “experience” for members and using music to enhance that experience. I seriously considered filling up the rest of my last day with Schwinn. In it to Schwinn it, baby!

Helen Vanderburg led this session based on the idea that many of our members want class to be “hard”. She discussed some methods that make a class appear hard, but aren’t necessarily making the workout more difficult, effective, or safe. For example, gyms will heat up the rooms. Higher temperature and excessive sweating do not equate to a greater workout – in fact, this can make the workout more dangerous for your members because they’re not hydrating well.

She took us through a workout that was challenging – and I appreciated it because she emphasized how the various exertions were based on your personal ability. After two days filled with fitness, I was a little fatigued and may not be able to match Helen’s RPM or resistance level.


Group Rx

Okay, so I went to a different workshop, but got the same instrutor!

Helen Vanderburg taught us tons of bodyweight moves and various modifications on classic movements (lunges, squats, planks) to infuse into our classes.

Man, two killer workouts in a row! I took a ton more pictures and videos for this particular class. I also avoided doing the exercises by taking said pictures and videos. Hey, I was tired!

Mindy Mylrea: Bootcamp Basics

I had to take one more opportunity to catch my girl Mindy in action! I’ll tell you what, if you ever have chance to take a class, workshop, or training with Mindy…DO IT. She is a spitfire and really knows her stuff!

She led this session through a kick-butt workout with stations. They were nicely labeled with numbers and name of the exercise. Mindy did an amazing job coming up with exercises that make the participants work together. For example, one of the stations was mountain climbers. However, one partner sat on an exericse ball to stabilize it while the other partner put their feet on the ball to do their mountain climbers. Mindy also discussed how to offer progressions (increased difficulty) and regressions (an easier level) for each exercise to ensure that all of your members are included.

She’s awesome. And that’s Heather having her feet held by Mindy. That was for a station where the partner on the floor would do a tricep dip and the partner standing would do a squat.

Awesome way to wrap up the day!

After three long days, I finally made it home. Sore. Tired. Ready to see The Chad. And I have to give credit where credit is due: The Chad kicked ass on housework. He did dishes and cleaned the kitchen and made sure I didn’t have anything to do but relax when I got home.

That adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” could not have been more accurate. The Chad and I are so lucky to have similar schedules that we get to be each with each other a lot. Like, all the time. We haven’t been apart from each other more than a day since Chad’s bachelor party nearly two years ago. To have his support as I pursue more knowledge and experience in the fitness field means so much to me. Honestly, I don’t think I would be this involved in exercise if it weren’t for him.

In other news, Pennsylvania has been cycling between spring and winter the past few weeks. When the weather is nice, The Chad and I have been enjoying walks with Frankie after school.

I think I mentioned this before, but The Chad is committed to eating better with me. He is drinking a smoothie with Shakeology in the morning, eating more fruits and vegetables, and cutting out desserts completely. Like most men, this is pretty much all he needs to do to lose weight. Even though I’ve been moving towards a whole foods, plant-based diet, I haven’t been seeing the results I want. I feel angry and upset, eat something crappy to soothe myself, and try a little harder.

The Chad deals with my emotional roller coaster and talks me through my issues. Maybe this is for his own safety, but I like to believe it’s because he really cares about me. He helped me recognize that I was at my personal best when I was taking a lot of pole classes. I was happy and freaking strong. That’s the point I’m trying to get back to.

So, my current plan has been modified to do more strength exercises at home and get back into pole fitness. With the gym’s schedule, I would need to devote around 3 hours at the gym – where I would teach a class, take a class, then take Pole Sweat. Tack on the 20-30 minutes of travel going to and coming home from the gym, and that’s a huge chunk of my day. And I don’t think it’s particularly healthy to do that many classes more than once a week. Heather gave me the go-ahead to take some time before and after I teach to workout on the poles since I have experience. Doing work on my own time is awesome, and I am definitely taking advantage of that opportunity, but I also am working some classes back into my weekly schedule. I’m hoping these are the changes I need to make to start seeing results again.

Whew! With all that being said, I should get to bed. Busy day tomorrow!


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