All the Small Things

Last week started off well. I had some time on my hands on Sunday, and I used it to whip up some food that I could use in lunches and dinners.


What you see above, left to right, is black bean pasta, sauteed broccoli slaw, and roasted spaghetti squash. I threw the broccoli slaw in with the black bean pasta and added some honey serrano balsamic vinegar. The spaghetti squash was roasted with some garlic-infused olive oil, basil, some salt and pepper. I also made a ton of quinoa to use as a quick side.


Here, you can see the spaghetti squash and black bean/broccoli slaw fun. Those nuggets are latkes leftover from a seder dinner. Now, the real star is on top of the pasta/slaw. That would be tempeh bacon. So, that’s a vegan bacon. You lightly fry it in olive oil and enjoy the crunch and delight. I tried to fake The Chad out with it. No dice. He called out that one and proclaimed he would not be subject to my “glorified dog treats”. More for me, then!

I still haven’t mastered the art of meal prepping, but these little dishes made life so much better this past week when I was throwing stuff together for lunch or scouring the fridge for dinner items.

Small change. Big improvement.

Also, I hit the gym a bit harder this week. I had my ladies in Sweatcamp on Wednesday doing forearm and handstands using the pole. Working towards my own handstand goal! Plus, we were utilizing the pull-up bar. I’ve added an additional goal of doing a full bodyweight chin up. Back in middle school and high school, there was that fitness test where boys would have to do chin ups and girls would do the “bar hang”. You’d have to put your chin on the bar and hold it. It was never worth it for me to even stand on the chair to try to hold myself up. I was the human embodiment of the word “kerplunk”. Building that upper body strength has always been a desire of mine, but also a challenge.

Small changes moving towards that strength.

On the horizon…Blue Mountain Vineyard 5K. The day after my 30th birthday. Oh man, as I type that, reality kind of sets in. I haven’t hit the pavement in quite some time. I guess I’m taking it rather lightly since some moderate drinking will be involved after the race. The Chad is even thinking about lacing up his sneaks and trying it out. What a guy! Well, maybe I should hold off on the accolades until the first effort out on the streets.

Small change…gotta run!


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