In a Funk

Today was a little bit of a mental breakdown for me. The end of the school year is coming up, which means the administrators are scrambling to scurry into classrooms to evaluate the teachers on their stellar lessons for the students – who are essentially flinging their poop at one another, by this time.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d been hitting a stride with my workouts. For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a little pole workout one or twice a week with my Pedal Power workouts. Per The Chad’s suggestion, I’ve also been increasing the frequency and intensity of my strength workouts.

Change in season, hormones, stress, the hellish roller coaster of teaching addled middle schoolers…all of these things seemed to have muddled into the perfect cocktail for mental collapse. I’m sure it’s something many people have endured – an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and self-doubt. Why aren’t I seeing results in my body? Am I working hard enough? Why can’t I keep my house clean? How will we afford this or that? How am I going to make things work at school? I said to The Chad that it felt as if a dark cloud were clinging to my heart.

And honestly…I started Pedal Power this afternoon feeling a little upset. But my warm-up song kicked on, every bike had a rider, and my energy started picking up. The Chad took care of me when I got home, but man. What a day.

Where does that leave me now? These days that knock me on my butt at least get me re-evaluating my goals. And, if I’m really being honest with myself…am I putting in the effort I should be? I don’t think so. I really need to kick things up a notch, especially when it comes to putting forth an effort at home. I want to incorporate more lifting (including bodyweight exercises), and get back into PiYo and running while I’m home. I think that will be the supplemental workouts I need to my time at Sweat Like A Girl.

In other news…I covered a class for a friend on Saturday, but there were no clients registered. I had a half hour class spot to myself.

I warmed up a bit on the bike, then figured I’d take out some of my favorite things and do a little Tabata workout.


Love that battlerope!

I think if I make time to add some of exercises with tools I enjoy when I do my little pole workout, it will be an even more effective use of my time.

Got those goals. Just need to pursue them with a little more heart.

And I leave you with a face swap with one of my extra tan students who was not too busy acting like an untamed ape.



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