Evaluate & Re-assess

Holy cow – how time flies! Already halfway through the year. That stagnant feeling wasn’t quite going away from me. I’ve been doing a little soul-searching and being honest with myself about my workout and eating routines.

I was at my peak in fitness and health when I was training for competitive pole. I was motivated to eat well and improve my craft. I’ve had some fitness goals, but they don’t really challenge me to push my body to new limits. Sheesh, I idolize Wonder Woman enough, but I only talk a big game. I sacrifice time, and occasionally I do workouts that kick my butt, but they’re too few and far between, and without the focus of an ultimate goal.

With the hope of finally rocking my inner Wonder Woman on the exterior, I’ve committed to two goals.

  1. Run the Philly Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on Sept. 18
  2. Complete certification to be a personal trainer by the end of the year

Obviously, both of these goals are a little more involved. My hope is that between following a training program for the half marathon and training with a friend at the gym to get myself following a routine, I’ll be exploring new levels of fitness.

In other news, I officially turned 30. Maybe this is spurring the self reflection. Mayyyyyybe. The Chad pulled off a major surprise party for me. Such a fabulous night. I’ve never had a surprise party, and it was so special that he managed to actually keep this secret under wraps…and have me convinced that I would be attending a tropical-themed Bingo to benefit an ice hockey league (seriously)…and get so many of my favorite people in one room just for me. I was totally blown away. Then, the poor dear had the decency to step in a do a 5K the morning after my birthday. It was a “Run the Vineyards” 5K, and we legitimately ran through the rows of grapes in the vineyard. A tough course, but The Chad pushed me through. Plus, we got to enjoy a glass of wine afterwards!

I had a super full spin class with 12 ladies. We rocked out to the following playlist (a new favorite!). This past Friday was The Chad’s birthday, so we’ve been celebrating his milestone with amazing food from Joe’s Crab Shack (c’mon, seafood is good for you!) and trying out an amazing burger place in Allentown called Bell Hall. I got the avocado melt with “honey stung brussels” rather than fries. Oh. My. Goodness. So amazing! I should’ve gone with the quinoa salad, but the avocado melt just hit the spot.

Spring Playlist

Okay, digest the food pictures and all this information. We have some major plans for our house this coming summer, and this Wonder Woman in training is going to need some new sneakers for my running attempts. Away we go!


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