Now, Bring Me That Horizon…


It feels good to be looking ahead. Not dwelling on past failures, or missed opportunities. No students have threated my sanity, which has me cautiously optimistic. I made some purple sweet potatoes and butternut squash, so it looks like I’ll have some food at lunch that won’t make me cry over my poor decisions.

A childhood friend of mine is a nutritionist and invited me to join an accountability group on Facebook to eat as clean as possible for the next 30 days. Basically, we need to eat things as close to their original form as possible. Avoid those processed foods.

I’m also sending a food diary to my trainer, since my body is visibly changing, but the scale is not. It is such a mind…teaser. Anyone who’s struggled with weight knows the love/hate relationship with the number on the scale. We allow it to determine our successes and failures. Telling me not to worry about the number is worthless. I need to see some change there.

So, yes. Still looking ahead. Like Captain Jack Sparrow. I’m being proactive and making plans to be successful. Turkey Trot 5K on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. I’m feeling empowered about my meal planning this week. And I’m rockin’ and rollin’ with my strength workouts.

This one was fun during Sweatcamp last Wednesday…




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