Resolve, Not Resolution

Oh, hi! Before you get all, “You haven’t written anything on this page since October, you don’t get to be all friendly and pretend that no time has passed!” Let’s get something out of the way.

I fell out of blogging. Way out. No motivation, no interest. I even stopped reading my usual go-to blogs. Sad 😦 So, what did I do in all that time? I actually have been doing more reading. Some real books, some books on my Kindle, but actual reading. Netflix has also dominated my household. I’ve been working with a trainer, doing my normal teaching at Sweat Like A Girl, and carrying on with daily living. Nothing wild, nothing crazy.

Honestly, I felt like typing because I actually have made a major change in my life. A lot of the reading and Netflix watching revolved around food. Reading about diets, watching documentaries about food sourcing and food benefits, and generally trying to educate myself about what we use to fuel and heal our bodies. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert, but I definitely have a better understanding of nutrition. And, a week before Christmas, I decided to cut meat out of my diet. I am also working towards cutting out dairy, eggs, and other animal products.

Fact is, research (yup, I’m talking studies on humans) shows that a plant-based diet supports optimal health. Meat has been linked to nearly all national “killers” – heart disease, cancer, etc. Plus, the “meat industry” is one of the major contributors to the demise of our environment. Not to mention the animal slaughterhouse videos. I have a weak stomach and…ugh. All right, all right. I’m not trying to convert or change anyone. But our health and our environment are important enough to learn about so we can nurture them.

Listen…I haven’t been doing this a long time. So far, it’s been relatively painless. I love all the fruit and vegetables I’ve been eating. Green Chef offers vegan meals in their delivery, so I’ve had some awesome meals. Wegman’s makes veggie noodles and veggie rice that have been easy to throw together in a meal. Eggs and cheese haven’t been particularly hard to “give up”, so much as inconvenient to avoid while eating out because they’re in everything that is a vegetarian option. And the biggest factor is that The Chad has been really supportive in this change. He’ll eat what I’m eating, as long as I throw a little meat on top. Ha! It helps that he’s been trying to clean up his diet, too. I’m thankful that he’s been open to trying some different foods.

Okay. I know. Again – I’m no expert. But I feel better, I swear. Clarity of mind. More energy. Drinking more water. And…a few pounds have come off. As in…I actually lost weight over Christmas break (right?!) I’m trying not to get obsessive over the scale, but ya know…I’m female. That’s kind of hardwired in us.

Truth be told, I’m ready for bed. I watched President Obama’s farewell address, then “This Is US” was on, and that all was an emotional roller coaster. The veggies are only carrying me so far. But I shall leave you with a picture of my delightful supper (The Chad enjoyed some seasoned ground turkey, rather than mushrooms, goji berries, sunflower seeds, and walnuts) and the promise of another post in less than 2 months.



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