NSV & Suspension Loving

NSV, you ask?

I can’t take credit for that one. It stands for “Non-Scale Victory”, and I’ve become accustomed to the acronym due to the multitudes of friends who are involved in Beachbody programs. If you’re female, and you’re hyperfocused on the number on the scale, these are your friend. It’s no secret we’re crazy. When I lost a great deal of weight 4 years ago, I was stepping on the scale nearly every day, because I could see the decimal dropping down. It was my fix. I needed to see how wonderfully I was doing to get through my day.

We all know what happens next, right? Well, maybe the ladies do. Life happens. You can’t maintain the insane schedule and pace you’ve tried to. Friends of mine have become bodybuilders, and they even lament the regimented lifestyle and that it’s not feasible to continue for the rest of your life.

Anyway, back to the NSV (you know, that acronym I threw at you before I looped you around the thoughts in one corner of my brain). I put on a pair of pants for work, and they were looser. They have been noticeably tighter since the fall, but last week…they felt good. Also – a pair of workout leggings, which were always erring on the side of “size too small”, fit like a “yea, that’s your size”! No muffin top. No strategic pair of underwear that fit loosely so there aren’t any bulges. No extra long flowy shirt to camouflage the bakery that lies beneath. (I cannot be alone in my tricks, right?)

So, here’s me. In a half price top from Old Navy that I’m a little smitten with. It has thumb holes and an open back. Also loving on my sports bra from Victoria’s Secret – it has one of those super cute back straps…but you may also notice, I have two large lumps on my chest. Those are a side effect of PA Dutch/Greek heritage. This bra is fantastical, because it’s sort of two bras in one. There’s a bra with a clasp on the inside that ensures you have two mounds during your workout instead of the dreaded uni-boob, and there’s an outer zip-up sports bra that keeps everything contained, even during high intensity intervals.

And no, I don’t know if I’ve lost any poundage. The Chad is dying to know if cutting meat has affected my weight, but I want more NSV and to focus on feeling different.

Check out some of the exercises I’ve been doing with the suspension trainers:

They’re definitely challenging! I’m searching up some strengthening exercises using these bad boys so I can work towards my handstands.

As far as my eating habits go, some recent discoveries include:

  • I have fantastic mental clarity. Seriously! I can actually feel a difference in how “sharp” I am. It’s awesome.
  • I’m more awake during the day. Yes, I love napping…but I’m not nearly as groggy or “walking dead” as I was previously.
  • Complete veganism is difficult. It requires concious effort and preparation. I am definitely not there yet.
  • By not eliminating eggs, butter, or dairy entirely, I “allowed” myself to enjoy pastries at the two baby showers I attended this weekend. I kept my cravings at bay, for the most part, but I wish I would’ve forced myself to seek a natural sweetness from fruit, rather than processed baked goods. Although…they were delicious.
  • To piggyback off the previous bullet: I was able to get over my weekend of “treats” much faster. In the past, I would’ve lumped the following few days/week(s) into my “oh, eff it” binge. Today, I wasn’t very hungry at all and was able to eat lots of fruits and veggies. I got some Cara Cara oranges at Wegman’s that are phenomenal!

With that, I leave you with another sample of the goodness that came with my vegan Green Chef box last week. I heated up some meatballs for The Chad in place of the tofu. Win!!


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