Keep On Moving

Brady Bunch throwback, anyone?

You know, as I’m collecting my thoughts, I’m watching the movie “Invincible” – about the Philadelphia Eagles’ Vince Papale from 1976. While I don’t totally identify with his personal journey (shocking, I know)…his story is striking a chord with me for reasons beyond the gratuitous shirtless Mark Wahlburg scenes. When it feels like everything is falling apart around you, it’s hard to keep your eyes on the prize. To make time, work hard, and pursue your dreams.

I know I’ve felt frustrated with my personal and professional life. And, like many people, a frustrating day can result in medicating with food. Since I’ve cut out meat, I swear I’ve been feeling better, but I still have the tendency to sabotage myself. This girl loves some sweets. When you’re an “attempted vegan” (as I like to refer to myself), desserts aren’t generally an issue…but since I don’t go crazy over dairy or eggs as ingredients, it doesn’t deter me from many desserts. I also have the tendency to overeat. Yup. I said it. I’ve been getting much, much better, but when the scale doesn’t budge and my measurements don’t change? Meltdown.

Thanks to an awesome support system including The Chad, and like-minded friends, I’ve been experimenting with healthier ways to curb my raging sweet tooth. Below, you’ll see black bean brownie bites, and yes…I made the chocolate avocado “icing”.

Delicious. Nutritious.

I mean, I’ve also been having fun with my dinners. I’m not missing meat in my meals and feel good about all the vegetables and plant-based foods I’m eating.

“Riced” cauliflower is probably one of my new favorite things. It’s so easy to season and heat up.

Consistency is also key. I haven’t been consistent in my workouts. I stopped working with my trainer, because for the amount of money I was putting in to work with her, I wasn’t seeing results and our meetings weren’t…take a guess…consistent. I need a regular butt-whooping. I’ve begun to document my day in my planner. What I’ve eaten, how I’m feeling, and what activity I did. So far, it’s working for me, and keeping me more honest than MyFitnessPal. Maybe because this feels more private. Something about MyFitnessPal makes you want to lie about what you eat. Probably because it spouts numbers back at you. What a jerk.

In the meantime, my Small Group Training with the suspension trainers has been rockin’ and rolling, and I’ve been seeing some strength progress. My goal of getting a solid handstand doesn’t seem so outlandish. I’ve been working on a pike position on the suspension trainer and my hips are almost over my head. Yahoo!

Raise the booty!

It’s so hard not to focus on numbers on the scale, but when I see what my body is capable of, I’m reinvigorated. Just gotta keep moving. And maybe have some wine now and then.


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